When it comes to fuelling sexism – every lads’ mag helps.

That’s why we’re backing OBJECT, UK Feminista, End Violence Against Women, No More Page 3 and many more in the Lose the Lads’ Mags campaign calling for ALL retailers to stop selling these overtly sexist, degrading and at times sexually violent publications!

UPDATE: 16th October 2013 ———————————————————————————————–

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On 15th Oct 2013, we attended a parliamentary debate about the ethics, rationale behind, and impact of the Lose the Lads Mags campaign against Tesco’s and other leading “family” stores.

Object and UK Feminista led the discussions with Caroline Lucas, MP, Women’s Aid, Imkaan, The Co-operative, UNISON and actress Romola Garai contributing to the panel discussions.


Women’s Aid: “We will never be able to tackle violence against women unless we change the culture in which it is accepted, belittled and even made into ‘banter’. We, as adults, have changed the landscape in which our children are growing up…’hostile sexism’ is on the rise.”

UNISON: “Lads’ mags continue to reflect and reinforce stereotypes as well as contempt for women in the workplace – for example nurses and policewomen. They have played their part in normalising pornography which undervalues women at all levels of society.”

Romola Garai: “It’s a very difficult thing to be labelled a hypocrite, but it shouldn’t negate the fact that people can and do change, and that we can change this situation.”

The Co-Operative: “We didn’t decide to ban those lads mags who refused to use modesty covers from some puritanical stance…we’re not trying to become a moral adjudicator for the British public: the decision was based solely on the opinions being expressed to us by our clients and members.”

Imkaan: “”How can we achieve equality when the entertainment we consume on a daily basis is so sexist?”

Member of the Audience: “What impact are lads’ mags having on boys and men? How can we help them understand that the language and images they’re being exposed to in these publications are not real and are violently degrading to all women?”

Member of the Audience: “We need to differentiate between pornification and erotic novels etc which a lot of men and women enjoy – where will the line be drawn?

Further updates on the outcomes and next steps following this debate and the campaign will be posted as and when they arise.

UPDATE: 27th August 2013 ———————————————————————————————–

Thanks to everyone who joined us and campaigners across the country on Saturday 24th August in a National Day of Action to to tell Tesco’s to #losetheladsmags!

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Meanwhile, UK Feminista’s Founder Kat Banyard, hit our television screens to tell the world why it was time to #losetheladsmags!

UPDATE: 7th August 2013 ————————————————————————————————————–

lads mags shelfThe Co-Operative bans Nuts & Zoo magazine from its 4,000 stores after both publishers refuse to cover them up with ‘modesty bags’! We love The Co-Operative for taking a stand and setting an example for the likes of Tesco’s!

Read the full story HERE!

UPDATE: 18th June 2013 ———————————————————————————————

Tesco is the first major UK retailer on the campaign’s target list – following thousands of #losetheladsmags messages sent by supporters, Tesco will now be meeting with OBJECT over the coming weeks. BUT we need to keep up the pressure to get them to act.

Here’s 3 actions you can take right NOW:

1) Post on Tesco’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tesco?fref=ts

2) Tweet the people in Tesco with the power to lose the lads’ mags via the offiicial website: http://www.losetheladsmags.org.uk/action_launch/

3) Email Tesco’s Chairman Sir Richard Broadbent via the official website at http://www.losetheladsmags.org.uk/action_launch/

Let’s make Tesco the SECOND retailer to #losetheladsmags!

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