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Thanks to everyone who came along and said hello to us at The Deen Institute’s intriguing #Misogynyconference on Sunday 26th January 2014! A day of eye-opening insights into the massive gulf that exists between the rights of women as ordained in religious texts and the daily lived realities / hypocrisies under which women are made to toil. Some key highlights / statements included:

“Why do we (women) need texts and quotes to confirm or justify our dignity as women? Surely that should be a given!” Myriam Francois Cerrah

“Let’s assess the ‘religious teachings’ extracted from traditional hadiths [stories] and let’s see what happens when you flip them on their heads…what you will find are teachings that do not in fact back a male discourse alone, but ones that highlight women’s rights.” Dr Ingrid Mattson

“I have come of age in a world where women’s bodies are still a symbolic battleground…both men and women must challenge misogyny: it is a communal effort, not a power struggle.” Dr. Zainab Alwani

“Womanhood remains to be a missing discourse in [religious] tradition…You have to remember that scholars are just men – human beings. Not to be revered without question but there TO be questioned!” Professor Tariq Ramadan

“Do men who abuse young girls do it because they ‘hate’ women, or do they just enjoy the feeling of power they get from their actions? I’m here to tell you that matters are getting worse – not better and the cycle of violence against women and girls is growing.” Shaheen Taj

“Women’s voices are not the same as their private parts – not there to be kept hidden and suppressed…the hypocrisy that governs the actions of men in our [religious] communities must be addressed.” Sara Khan