Thank you to every single person who marched on parliament on Saturday 18th September 2016, and called upon the UK government to take in and aid more vulnerable refugees.

It was an honour to march alongside over 80,000 people, comprised of refugee survivors and our fellow civilians alike, to highlight the stark differences between the UK government’s actions and failing promises in relation to the refugee crisis, and the will of the people.


Seven-year-old Ahmad survived an arduous journey from war-torn Syria, and was rescued by a truck-driver from choking to death whilst in the course of being smuggled into the UK.

From speeches given by seven-year-old Ahmad, one of the child refugees lucky enough to survive a treacherous journey to reach safety, to actors Vanessa Redgrave and Juliet Stevenson’s passionate pleas, the event was a timely reminder of the lives at stake, and the works being undertaken by fantastic organisations to plug the gaps created by our authorities. Caroline Lucas MP, Labour’s Lord Alf Dubs, and Liberal Democrat campaigner Shas Sheehan, also spoke out against the UK’s shameful record.

There are now an estimated 21.3 MILLION refugees displaced around the globe as a result of war, political persecution, and both natural and man-made disasters. And whilst Turkey, Lebanon and Germany have taken in millions, the UK has taken under 2,000 refugees – with a majority being hosted in Scotland, not England.

“The present government and previous governments, both Labour, coalition and Conservative, have been breaking international human rights law. We must hold them to account.”

– Vanessa Redgrave

Nor has a single unaccompanied child refugee with a relative living in the UK been permitted to enter under the newly amended “Dubs law” (named after Lord Alf Dubs who was himself a survivor of the Holocaust), despite it having been passed on 21st March 2016.

Making Herstory will continue to lobby MPs in relation to our The Refugee Crisis – Proposed Motions & Actions paper, and will go on joining forces with like-minded partners to continue supporting women and children refugees both here in the UK and in Calais.

Thank you all for your continued support…