The Femicide Census

Making Herstory is proud to support the Femicide Census: the first census ever created to catalogue every single woman killed by a man across the United Kingdom.

The census, created and developed by Karen Ingala Smith, founder of Counting Dead Women and CEO of the NIA, will be a crucial tool to helping UK agencies monitor fatal male violence against women, with a view to helping reduce the number of women killed by men each year.

The reasons behind, and outcomes of, this groundbreaking piece of work has been summarised in a report: “Redefining an Isolated Incident.”

It has the potential to help police, judicial and other crucial agencies understand not only the “patterns” of abuse that lead to the daily murders of women, but weak points in systems that should be doing everything they can to protect the women of our worlds.

Perhaps, most importantly, it will show the face behind the statistic – and remind those that are there to protect women, that the “numbers” they are dealing with are real people.

We will be working to urge local councils, judicial courts and frontline services to not only take note of the census and its outcomes, but begin redefining and restructuring their services to put women first.

femicide census report