The last of our beautiful pre-packed suitcase gifts were delivered on Wednesday 20th December 2017! 

They travelled from near and far…Some hitch-hiked from lonely country lanes; others hopped onto a London bus, and quite a few jumped into a car to get to us! But get to us they did! Car loads of wonderful suitcases, fully-loaded with everything from brand new pyjama sets, slippers, towels and dressing gowns, to toiletry bags, umbrellas and topped-up Oyster cards were delivered, ordered, shopped for and packed on behalf of our women’s shelters and projects, and most specifically for NIA‘s own women’s shelters.

We would like to give a huge thank you to every single person who donated their time, energy, money and bargain-hunting skills to help make this happen – and especially our Amazon wishlist shoppers (many of whom remain anonymous).

These gifts mean the world to us, and will bring so much light and warmth to each woman about to spend the winter months in an under-funded shelter after having fled a perpetrator of abuse.

Our special thanks to our North London Making Herstory Champion, Doreen Samuels, who worked tirelessly to mobilise a whole community of donors and deliver a full carload of brand new cases filled with goodies; our Trustee Micky Youngson and her daughter Tamsin for their hands-on breakneck, speed-packing skills (and delicious cupcake treats!), and our long-term supporters Dahlia Basar, Asha Abdillahi, Julie Siddiqi and Salma Raúf, for going the extra pound!

The MJ Women’s Refuge Project will be launching its second Suitcase Appeal in August 2018.

If you would like to become a Making Herstory Champion and a key contact and donation point for this appeal, please email us at i.am@makingherstory.org.uk.

Alternatively, you can DONATE HERE to enable us to purchase goods in advance on your behalf.