Femicide Census Launch: Thursday 26th Nov 2020

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Join us for the launch of the Femicide Census 2020: reflecting 10 years of men’s fatal violence against women and girls in the UK 2009-2018…

Karen Ingala Smith is the CEO of the NIA-Ending Violence Against Women and Girls. She launched Counting Dead Women as an initiative to ensure people knew the names and stories of every woman and girl murdered by a man. And thanks to her dedication and endless efforts, the femicide census now exists.

What is the femicide census – and why is it so important?

The Femicide Census is a ground-breaking source of comprehensive data, logging the faces, names, and backgrounds of every woman killed in the UK in a given year – as well as those of the men who have killed them.

Launched by Karen Ingala-Smith (CEO of NIA) and Clarrie O’Callaghan and beginning life as a Twitter-led initiative called Counting Dead Women, the census provides a clear account of men’s fatal violence against women and girls in the UK. Since its founding, the census has helped core agencies understand and identify patterns of violence perpetrated by male abusers and which may end in homicide.

It also provides advocacy frontliners with the crucial data they need to demand action from those in charge of forging responses to men’s endemic violence against women.

Would you believe that before the creation of the census, there was NO data being collated on every woman falling victim to fatal male violence, or their murderers? It took one woman refusing to ignore the murders of women, for this census to come to exist at all.

The Femicide Census 2020

To read The Guardian summation of the Femicide Census 2020 see HERE.
To download and read the full report, see HERE.

To introduce ten years of data on fatal violence against women, co-founders Karen Ingala-Smith and Clarrie O’Callaghan will be joined by Nimko Ali, Davina-James Hanman, and Dr Jane Monckton-Smith, as well as our own founder and CEO, Onjali Rauf, on Thursday 26th November at 6:30PM to discuss the core findings and what steps now urgently need to be taken.

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In loving memory and with respect to…

Femicide victims from 2019…Top row, from left: Aliny Mendes, 39; Sarah Henshaw, 40; Rosie Darbyshire, 27; Charlotte Huggins, 33; Jodie Chesney, 17; Leanne Unsworth, 40. Second row, from left: Sarah Fuller, 35; Amy Parsons, 35; Asma Begum, 31; Elize Stevens, 50; Laureline Garcia-Bertaux, 34; Antoinette Donnegan, 52. Third row, from left: Lucy Rushton, 30; Kelly Fauvrelle, 26; Dorothy Woolmer, 89; Bethany Fields, 21; Megan Newton, 18; Ellie Gould, 17. Fourth row, from left: Suvekshya Burathoki, 32; Julia Rawson, 42; Diane Dyer, 61; Kayleigh Hanks, 29; Keeley Bunker, 20; Joanne Hamer, 48. Bottom row, from left: Sarah Hassall, 38; Nicola Stevenson, 39; Angela Tarver, 86; Leah Fray, 27; Mihrican Mustafa, 38; Sammy-Lee Lodwig, 22.