iKindle for Kids Appeal

Hundreds of children are living through the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in single rooms with no access to books, games, a TV or basic entertainment.

We want to change that – with the help of your old iPads & Kindles…


Safety and a bed is all most shelters can afford to provide survivors, no matter how young or old they may be.


Thanks to government funding measures, most women’s shelters are unable to afford any gifts beyond those of safety and a single room for survivors fleeing domestic violence – whether they are with or without children.

For access to a television, food, toys, or company, communal spaces are created where possible, but at this time, those that exist have been closed.

This means women and children of all ages, are stuck in their rooms with nothing to help keep them entertained, and no way to access online lessons, information, or new reading materials. The result? A decline in mental well-being for those who have already been through so much.


All old iPads and Kindles deserve a good home…


Whilst our Bare Necessities Appeal is calling for funds to help us bulk-purchase books, activity packages, toys, freeview smart televisions and food purchase cards for survivors over the coming months, our i-Kindle for Kids Appeal is asking for iPads and Kindles specifically (hence the very clever name)!

So if have a spare / old iPad or Kindle, please consider donating it to one of the hundreds of children at the 13 shelters we assist, and CONTACT US TODAY.



Your old iPad or Kindle, could help boost the well-being  of one of our little ones – and their mums too.


1. MAKE SURE YOUR iPAD OR KINDLE IS UNDAMAGED, can be charged properly and has all the necessary basic components (charging wire, plug) in tact.

2. ENSURE YOU HAVE SAFE ACCESS TO A POST OFFICE. Your safety is paramount. So we ask that you do NOT partake in this appeal if you cannot access a Post Office or packaging materials safely and with ease.

3. CONTACT US. Once you have done so, we will let you know of the name of the survivor your gift will be reaching, and the HQ address to post it out to.



1. Children and women receiving the iPads or Kindles will not be allowed to keep them once they exit the shelter to move into external accommodation. This is to ensure each gift can go on being used by other survivors too.

2. Wonderful staff at each shelter will manage, maintain and safeguard each iKindle gift, which will become property of the shelter they are sent to.

3. Yes, you can definitely send a letter / message of support along with your iKindle gift, should you wish to do so. But please ensure you do NOT convey any messages which suggest the gift is the recipient’s to keep.

4. Funds required to pay for wifi / basic subscription services will be donated by a donor / the shelter receiving your gift.