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When it comes to women’s words making waves, they don’t get much more powerful than these!


Author, Hannah Barnes

TIME TO THINK: Rejected by 22 publishers for fear of retaliation and revolt in-house by younger staff members (all of whom we guess have yet to read Hags), Hannah Barnes’ damning investigations into child safeguarding failures at the recently closed Tavistock Clinic is now climbing international charts and has made it onto multiple bestseller lists.
Barnes’ nuanced, deeply researched and sensitive book asks the questions too many have been afraid to voice around the reasons behind the conveyor belt style approach to the medical assessment and treatment of children with gender dysphoria. With zero pretence of having all the answers and written on the basis of the evidences found, this is award-winning, fearless journalism at its best.


Author, Naomi Alderman

THE POWER: Published in 2016 to international acclaim and much deserved awards, this dystopian science-fiction masterpiece by Naomi Alderman is now set to hit our screens in dramatic form on Amazon as of 31st March 2023.
Built on the premise of young women discovering they have an immense electrical power that men do not possess, the reversal of the roles of power and subjugation throws out uncomfortable questions a-plenty. A must-read (again), if only to ready oneself for the dramatisation to come…


Author, Victoria Smith

HAGS; The Demonisation of Middle-Aged Women. Insightful, hilarious, and undeniable, Victoria Smith’s lucid highlighting of the socio-culturally normalised hate and consistent denigration older women face is an eye-opening and enraging read. Honing in on the insidious forms of ageist misogyny which renders middle-aged women on the one hand obsolete, and on the other too powerfully independent and wilful to bear by not only men, but younger women too,  is filled  with searing insights and everyday, universally identifiable moments of sexist hate and injustice.
Essential reading for all women. And any man who wants to stop himself from participating in the accepted forms of misogyny hags often bear.

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Competition ends midnight on Saturday 11th March 2023.