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Mustang: A film that reflects the hypocrises women & girls face daily
Review-Piece by Alex Thomas

Mustang is the story of five orphaned sisters growing up in a remote part of Turkey, who, despite their innocence and protestations, are imprisoned by their family following an innocent game with some local boys: a game which is woefully misinterpreted as signifying their sexual promiscuity by the wider community. The film follows the sisters as they find their lives being gradually and increasingly restricted, leading to a number of desperate bids for freedom – in particular by the youngest sister and protagonist, Lale. READ ON.


lillyIt’s Time to Take Stalking Seriously
View-Piece by Onjali Rauf, 18th April 2016

Singer Lily Allen released details of the terrifying ordeal she underwent at the hands of a stalker who followed, harassed and even attacked her over a period of SEVEN years. But whilst the actions of her stalker are harrowing enough, it is the fact that police agencies ignored her reports and saw fit to treat her more ‘like a nuisance, not a victim’ that are really the most disturbing aspects of her case: disturbing, but unfortunately, not surprising. READ ON.


k and a
Kesha, Amy Winehouse & the Common Denominator of Abuse
View-Piece by Satdeep Grewal, 4th April 2016

On my usual awkward and boring commute home, I avoid my fellow commuters’ eyelines by opening up Facebook to give my news feed a cursory glance. One of the first things to hit me yesterday was a news piece on how Sony may now be looking to terminate their contract with Dr Luke – not because he allegedly drugged and sexually abused international singer and songwriter Kesha, but because he is bringing them bad press. READ ON.



men go their own wayMen Going Their Own Way v Men Fighting for Equality
View-Piece by Alex Thomas, 16th March 2016

I recently made myself listen to a Radio 4 programme about the so-called “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) group. Just in case you’re not familiar with them, MGTOW is comprised of a bunch of men who believe that society is structured for the benefit of women and that it is actually men who are seen as disposable and worthless. READ ON.



muscavado bannerMuscavado, Burnt Out Theatre, Currently touring nationwide
Review-Piece by Dena Kirpalani, 27th March 2015

Matilda Ibini’s play brings to the fore the economic drivers that perpetuated the slave trade. Building an empire on the backs of exploited labour that made some elites incredibly wealthy, the modern slave trade continues to reap huge rewards for those involved in the exploitation of other people – with some reports estimating worldwide profits amounting to $44 billion. The violence and exploitation set out in Ibini’s play has not disappeared from our modern lives; its presence is just slightly more obscured. READ ON.


domestic_violence1Violence Against Women: it’s not just “their” fight. It’s ours too.
View-Piece by Sabbir Malik, 25th November 2014

When I was first introduced to the word “feminism” which was my during secondary school years, I, along with many other young men were taught that it was, well, first of all, impossible for a man to be a feminist, but more worryingly, that feminism is a root cause to evil in society, an absolute no-go zone, that feminists are crazy loony tree hugging, excessive-body-hair embracing, men-hating monsters; a movement that all men shall be ready and trained to fight against at any cost! Well, a decade on, and I am glad to say that those misguided views are no more… I’m proud to say that yes, I am a feminist. READ ON.


oscarWhat does the Pistorius trial say about how gender-based violence is dealt with today?
View-Piece by Satdeep Grewal, September 2014

Most of us will not have escaped hearing about the sensationalized Oscar Pistorius trial, his being found not guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp but subsequently being found guilty of culpable homicide…Widespread shock has been voiced from all corners at this verdict, even more so at Pistorius’ anticipated attempt to cash in on the Steenkamp family’s pain. Despite the theories and the conjectures however, one stark fact  looms from this case; and it is that none of us can ever really know what happened that fateful night…READ ON.


little stitches imageLittle Stitches, Theatre 503, Arcola and Gate Theatre
Review-Piece by Dena Kirpalani

The production of Little Stitches brings more than mere statistics, gruesome images and outrage we so often see in the news in relation to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Instead it tells stories – human stories – of victims, perpetrators, perpetrator-victims and observers, each with their own complex set of emotions and motivations. READ ON. 

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