Six: The Musical

byadminOct 1st '20Must Watch / Must Listen

Divorced, Beheaded, Killed, Divorced…Survived! Six reimagines the unfortunate lives of the wives of Henry VIII!

Henry VIII’s six wives are back!

To tell all, sing all and dance their own stories, thank you very much! Only this time, in the form of a modern day girl band. Cue: fights, intense competitions to please a patriarchal system which thrives on destroying female comradery, and some toe-tapping, stage-thumping songs daring to throw out everything between a remix of ‘Greensleeves’ to a #MeToo ballad against employers with wandering hands.

Launching as a student show in Cambridge, and made up of a diverse, talented cast supported by an all-female band, the show is the first musical to return to the West End in London following the spring lockdown. It will play a limited 11-week, socially-distanced run at the Lyric Theatre, subject to Covid-19 social distancing rules.

Whilst the depictions of the wives (from dim to ditzy to all-out flirts) are not the feminist role models one might have hoped for, the message remains clear: society’s all-too harsh judgements on women for everything – from the way they look to their daring to eternalise their voices in our history books hasn’t really changed all that much… Has it?

Catch Six at the Lyric Theatre from14th November 2020 to 31st Jan 2021 if you can!
Tickets available HERE.