Discussing Domestic Abuse in Schools


“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”
Gloria Steinem

Whilst there is no hidden formula for ending Domestic Abuse in a day (although we wish there was!), we believe that schools are at the forefront of preventing and ending Domestic Abuse in the long term.

If you would like to access specialist tools to help expand your school’s understanding of what Domestic Abuse is, the many forms it can take, and the grave inequalities which lie at its root, please consider the following projects offered by organisations we support and assist.

Whisper Me Happy Ever After…

Scripted and designed specifically for children at all primary school levels, Whisper Me Happy Ever After is a play which follows a family experiencing domestic abuse, and explores the effects on the mental health of the children who witness it. Both humorous and serious, it invites children in the audience to think about the many forms Domestic Abuse can take, and interact with the the characters to help change the story…

Due to the serious nature of the play, all pupils are given the opportunity to speak to both a counsellor and all team members who are trained to discuss any personal issues or concerns raised by the play.

For more information or to contact the FaceFront Team, please SEE HERE.



Schools Programme

Delivering human rights education across both primary and secondary schools, Amnesty Speakers are able to cover a range of topics, including the very crucial issues surrounding women’s rights.

In 2018, Making Herstory had the great honour of developing a new range of women’s rights training resource materials for Amnesty UK’s Schools Programmes.

For more details about how to engage an Amnesty Speaker for your school, please SEE HERE.