Due to national cuts to crucial funds, over 600 women a week are turned away from receiving the help they need to escape their abusers, whilst homelessness amongst women fleeing unsafe homes is on the rise…

Whilst Making Herstory does not have the resources (as yet!) to directly house, shelter and aid survivors of abuse, we do our utmost to:

  1. Refer women and girls in need of help to the appropriate authorities and possible help-points;
  2. Raise funds in order to provide survivors of sexual violence, abuse and trafficking with emergency aid, housing and basic goods on behalf of local agencies;
  3. Work to assist and support anyone who directly contacts us for help and advice as far as we are able to do so;
  4. Empower local communities with the information they need to take positive action against all forms of gender-based abuse; and
  5. Work with men and boys as well as women to highlight, understand and break down those issues which may contribute to the abuse, enslavement and trafficking of women and girls.

We are currently developing a number of online resources to help not only abuse survivors directly but to enable friends, families and colleagues to understand and support loved ones who find themselves in intolerable situations. These resources will be available between October-November 2016.

If you or someone you know is suffering abuse, please call the 24 hour National Domestic Violence Helpline
delivered in partnership between Women’s Aid & Refuge for immediate assistance on:

0808 2000 247

Or contact us using the form below. We will endeavour to be in touch as soon as is possible.