Shelley Rehabilitation Project

Shelley Rehabilitation Projectsavar

Named in honour of our founder’s grandmother, Shelley Khanom, in remembrance of her lifelong commitment to helping the impoverished of Sylhet, Making Herstory is currently:

  1. DEVELOPING LINKS with such organisations as the Acid Survivors Foundation and key individuals acting on the ground in Sylhet, Dhaka and three rural regions of Bangladesh to identify new ways in which survivors of acid attacks can receive long-term medical and economic support.
  2. ESTABLISHING THE SAVAR SUPPORT PROGRAMME to aid female amputee survivors of the Savar Factory collapse of May 2013 (for more details, please see HERE).
  3. IDENTIFYING the needs and difficulties of elderly and isolated women living in abject poverty in and around the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.
  4. RAISING FUNDS through (tea-related!) events to (a) directly aid the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors; (b) assist elderly and isolated women form their own care, support and self-sufficient networks; and (c) purchase, launch and sustain agricultural lands which both survivors of acid attacks and elderly women can use to establish their long-term economic security and independence.
  5. WORKING WITH SECURITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS AGENCIES on an international and regional level to establish (a) self-defence training programmes for women and  girls in rural and urban areas; (b) develop a specific acid-attack related education programme for boys and men; and (c) investigate the barriers to convicting perpetrators of acid attacks / other forms of violence against women in the country.

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How you can help

  1. Let us know if you have heard of an organisation or an individual doing excellent work in this field who are in need of further support and help.
  2. Contact us if you would be interested in sponsoring a survivor of an acid attack or elderly woman living in abject poverty.
  3. Attend our events wherever and whenever you can.
  4. Donate what you can towards this campaign.
  5. Hold an event of your own to raise awareness and funds to help us empower female garment workers, survivors of acid attacks, and elderly, isolated women living in poverty in Bangladesh.