In Development



Following interviews conducted with foreign domestic workers in Cairo and academics from Egypt, Making Herstory is currently in the process of partnering with organisations on the ground to campaign for recognised rights of all foreign domestic workers, as well as the especial legal protection of female workers – regardless of whether or not they are legal citizens.


In order to safeguard women and girls against rape and abduction as they attempt to access the few toilets that exist, we are currently building up links with grassroots charities, women’s centres, architects and volunteers on the ground to find a viable solution and will be launching this campaign just as soon as we can be sure that our money and energy will be channelled to the right people.



We are currently in talks with various organisations and individuals from Hargeisa and Moghadishu to establish our Somalian SuperWomen project. The aim if this project is to work with experts on the ground seeking to tackle the issues of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced incarceration of women by their relatives.


In September 2012, Making Herstory met with Professors and students of Edinburgh University to launch discussions and instigate research into the increasing trafficking of young girls from rural areas / provinces of Thailand to the main cities, as well as other forms of gender-based violence.

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