Independent Research Works

The more we learn of the issues preventing women from living lives free from abuse,
the more opportunities we see for improvement.

With every new partnering agency, supporter and brave survivor we meet, Making Herstory is presented with new information and insight into the issues women and girls face in their fight to be freed from abuse.

But along with such insight, we are also gifted with questions, learnings, evidences and ideas that may help pave the way to long-term solutions.

We feel it is crucial to honour the trust and information gifted to us by mobilising our learnings. This we strive to do by:

  1. Sharing non-confidential data and insights with partnering agencies for the forging of wider solutions.
  2. Launching our own research works into possible solutions where our resources allow.
  3. Taking forward ideas presented by supporters to those agencies, authorities and key stakeholders with the resources to action them.

Our Research Works


If you would like to speak to us about a possible solution to help strengthen
the safeguarding of women and girls, please contact us.