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The streets of Sonagacchi in Kolkata, India, are home to more than 10,000 prostitutes, many of whom are teenage girls.
Most are sold into the sex trade by their families.
In October 2014, Making Herstory began works with the Destiny Foundation in Kolkota on forging a new anti-trafficking sponsorship programme.



DR girls boxTo ensure women and girls rescued from, or vulnerable to, trafficking and prostitution are given a safe space in which to obtain long-term help, guidance and skills training with a view to becoming economically independent. This will be achieved through individual one-on-one sponsorships which will cover the costs of each woman’s food and accommodation, specialist services, education and undertaking of a year-long training programme.


The women and girls rescued by Destiny Foundation are of all ages and come from a range of different backgrounds. All have one thing in common: they have been trafficked and trapped into working in industries that thrive on the abuse of women. Whether sold by their own families or from decisions resultant of economic desperation, they have endured great physical, psychological and emotional dangers and are now seeking a way out.


By sponsoring one of our women for a minimum of 1 year, you can help us ensure she receives the following services:

  • 40 button11Food and shelter;
  • A dedicated specialist caseworker;
  • Resources required for her education;
  • A monthly stipend to help meet her basic needs and exit the trade she is trapped in; and
  • The costs of of her participation of a year-long skills training programme inclusive of financial management and safeguarding training.
The total cost for each woman to receive all of the above support is £474.00 per year.
This works out to just under £40 a month (give or take a few pence!).



As soon as you start sponsoring you’ll get a welcome pack with a detailed profile of the woman you have chosen to sponsor. You DR girls box2can write to your sponsored sister right away if you want to and the pack will explain exactly how to do this, how your sponsorship works and where your money will be going.

Every few months, you’ll also get an update on the progress your sponsored sister is making. This may include a recent photograph, a letter or a message from her to you, so you can see and hear for yourself how she is developing and moving on with your support.

We encourage all our sponsors to write a few lines of support to their sponsored sisters. Just knowing that someone miles away is thinking of them, can inspire, motivate and propel a woman who is often completely alone, to achieving the goals she has set for herself and ultimately, breaking free of an all too-often dangerous and damaging ‘trade’.

We currently have EIGHT women awaiting your help.
If you would like to sponsor one of these amazing women today, please click the button below.

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