Lobbying and Campaign Works

Demanding gender equality at all levels of our collective society is one of the most significant ways to safeguard women and girls from violence in future times. 

Our Key Campaigns of the Moment

Demand a National Stalker’s Register
Block Rapists accessing children conceived as a result of rape
Call on the UK Government to End Violence Against Women by ratifying the Istanbul Convention

Signing On for Change

Since our inception, Making Herstory has been working to identify and work alongside fellow campaigners against social, political and legal practices which contribute to the violation of the basic human rights of women and girls both in the UK and beyond.

Whether it’s signing the latest petition, taking to the streets, writing to MPs, media leads and corporates, or descending on parliament, we believe everyone can play a part in initiating positive change.

Once a campaign has been identified, we endeavour to:

  1. Mobilise supporters to spread the word and participate in actions e.g. signing petitions, taking part in demonstrations, writing to / meeting with MP’s / key stakeholders.
  2. Lobby key stakeholders to raise awareness of issues and ensure further actions.
  3. Keep abreast of legal changes and opportunities to develop and improve services and infrastructures for the benefit of women and girls’ equal human rights.
  4. Submit our own findings and recommendations to key parties.

Moments from our Previous Campaigns