One-off Projects

In every country of the world, the majority of those enslaved by violence,
abuse and human trafficking trades are women and girls.

A staggering spectrum of violence and dehumanisation continues to impede the lives, health, legal standing and safety of women and girls around the globe. From denying girls an education and demolishing women’s legal human rights, to the use of rape and physical disfigurement to silence and oppress them, women and girls everywhere continue to be the most vulnerable and most abused members of any given society.

In order to combat the global epidemic of gender-based violence and highlight positive ways of tackling these crimes, Making Herstory lends its support to overseas organisations where our resources allow.

Previously supported projects include:


Sheroes Hangout Cafe, India

In partnership with Wishful Smiles, Making Herstory hosted a photography exhibition to raise funds for the Chhanv Foundation’s ‘Sheroes Hangout Cafe’. Situated in Agra, India, just a few minutes away from the Taj Mahal, this phenomenal business is managed and delivered by survivors of acid attacks.

It is truly the first of its kind, giving women usually hidden from society, a space in which to be recognised as empowered women who will not be silenced by their perpetrators. To find out more, see HERE.

Destiny Reflections, India

Located in Kolkata, India, the Destiny Foundation works to end human trafficking and slavery in the region.  It not only saves young girls from being trafficked and sold into the sex trade, but actively recruits women from nearby shelters and brothels to give them rehabilitation, training and new employment opportunities so they never have to work in the prostitution trade ever again.

Making Herstory is proud to have supported this project through raising funds in a one-off event and selling some of the beautiful goods made by survivors.
A brochure of their products can be found HERE.


If you would like Making Herstory to champion your organisation in a one-off event,
please contact us.

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