The Mumtahina Jannat (MJ) Refuge Project

Launched in memory of our Founder’s beloved aunt, Mumtahina Jannat,
the MJ Refuge Project seeks to strengthen women’s shelters and services across the UK


In 2005, Mumtahina Jannat escaped her abuser and with her two baby daughters, found refuge at a women’s shelter in London. From this lifesaving place of shelter, she attempted to re-start her life anew.

However, despite years of trying to convince judges, courts, lawyers, the police, and local authority services that she was in grave danger, Mumtahina Jannat was murdered on 5th July 2011. For full details, please see HERE (Trigger Warning: upsetting content).

In her memory, Making Herstory was officially launched in 2012 with one single aim: to raise funds through a monthly book club, for the benefit of a local women’s shelter.


Thanks to the ongoing support our wonderful Herstory Makers, the simple aim with which Making Herstory was founded, has expanded to include:

  1. Mobilising individuals, groups and communities to independently raise goods and funds for the shelters and projects we support.
  2. Delivering emergency goods and pre-packed gifts as part of the MH Suitcase Appeal.
  3. Launching our Bridging the Gap research project to investigate how we can mobilise empty properties, rooms and private corporations to help provide women fleeing violence with emergency shelter.
  4. Supporting long-improvements to the infrastructure and services of existing shelters where possible.

We are currently working with women’s refuges and projects in London and Birmingham including the NIA and Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid.

If you would like to assist us in these works, or know of a shelter that may need our help, please contact us.