No More Page Three


Er…the fact that in this day and age, Page Three (ie. a topless model page) exists in a national newspaper at all!

page three bubblesWHY IS IT A BIG DEAL?
1. Because we cannot achieve full equality and respect between the sexes if the first thing we’re all exposed to each morning is an image of a topless model being used to titillate readers within the pages of a national ‘newspaper’.

2. Because Page Three has no place in a national newspaper: if The Sun insists on using topless models to enhance or maintain its sales, the newspaper should be bagged, stamped with a +18 certificate, and allocated to the top shelf of all stores and newsagents.

3. Because Page Three normalises the sexual objectification of women by daily relaying the message to children and adults alike that it’s ok for women to be used to sell goods (and the news).

These are just some of the reasons why Making Herstory is backing the excellent No More Page Three campaign, founded by writer and actress Lucy Ann-Holmes in 2012.

1. Sign the petition asking David Dinsmore (Editor of The Sun) to put an end to Page Three once and for all! (And then get everyone you know to do the same!)

2. Head over to the Fashion Move to get an official NMP3 T-shirt (£1 of every sale goes directly to Women’s Aid). And yes! Men CAN (and should!) wear them too (see! Even Russell Brand isn’t shy to show it off!)! Send pictures of yourself wearing your fabulous T-shirt into the NMP3 team, or feel free to contribute to their blog.

3. Keep abreast (pun intended!) of NMP3 campaign news by giving them a Like on their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter!

4. Come say hello to Making Herstory at any events you may find us at – because you’ll be sure to find a hardcopy NMP3 petition ready for you to sign close by!

For more information about this campaign, see