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HUMAN TRAFFICKING is the fastest growing ‘industry’ in the world
 worth $32BILLION.

FACT: 21 MILLION people are currently enslaved in some form of forced labour – from prostitution to domestic servitude to farm labour. There are more slaves today than there has ever been in the recorded history of our world.

FACT: 80% of the people trafficked each year are women and girls, with children as young as 10 being forced into illicit trades.

STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT) is a movement of over 45,000 activists around the world who give their time and energy to fighting human trafficking. In other words, it is made up of ordinary people on the ground, working to halt human trafficking within their respective communities.

CRIMESTOPPERS is a 25 year-old independent crime-fighting charity which allows people to report on crimes anonymously through either a secure online information form or via phone.

As a recognised STT Activist Group, Making Herstory is currently working to:
1. Inform and educate our supporters on how they can identify, report and take action against human trafficking in their local communities.
(More details coming soon.)

2. Raise awareness and funds to support Stop The Traffik’s two key campaigns:
Traffik-Free Chocolate Campaign

Make Fashion Traffik-Free Campaign

3. Encourage hard-to-reach communities to report suspicious activities to Crimestoppers Human Trafficking unit.

4. Assist other organisations such as CAASE (Community Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation) as well as local authorities and schools to identify trafficking ‘hotspots’ in the East London area.

1. SAY NO TO SLAVE-LABOUR FOODS: Use your consumer power and let companies know you want traffik-free goods by only purchasing foods which exhibit the following certification marks (especially when it comes to chocolates and fruits!).

3 logos

2. DEMAND TO KNOW WHERE YOUR CLOTHES COME FROM: Girls as young as 12 are being trafficked into the cotton industry, yet despite this fact, our biggest high-street and designer brands still don’t have a clue whether or not slaves have produced their goods. Write to the CEO’s of your favourite stores using STT’s guidelines HERE today!

3.  REPORT YOUR SUSPICIONS: If you see something which doesn’t quite ‘fit’ or if you see any of the following signs, don’t hesitate to CONTACT CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously (you may just save a life):

  • Heavy security at a premises such as barred windows, locked doors or electronic surveillance cameras.
  • A place that looks as though people are living and working at the same address.
  • ‘Workers’ being driven in between premises and collected very early / returned late at night on a regular basis.
  • Victims surrounded at all times, not allowed to speak for themselves, or who look as though they are acting under duress (for example, when opening a bank account or being escorted to and from different locations).
  • Physical appearances which show signs of injury, malnourishment, and unkempt clothes.