Our Aims


GOAL 1: To inspire men, women and children from all walks of life to unite and take action in whatever way they can, against all forms of abuse directly impacting women and girls.

GOAL 2: To help unite organisations, agencies and communities already working to end violence against women to forge a stronger, cohesive and more effective range of prevention and frontline services.

GOAL 3: To bridge identified gaps between services, survivors, and all people wishing to see an end to gender violence and abuse.

How we work: 

We work to achieve our goals by:

  1. Campaigning, lobbying and highlighting issues of discrimination, abuse and violence effecting women, both independently and in partnership with like-minded organisations.
  2. Providing financial support and resources to women’s shelters, projects and services.
  3. Providing referral support and aid to women and girls fleeing abuse.

Making Herstory is a 100% donation-investment organisation, which means all goods and monies given in donations goes directly towards the programme or project for which it was raised.

All works are currently delivered on a voluntary basis with the support of our Trustees, Advisers and a growing network of fantastic supporters, except where independent grants have been secured to fund specific research or development works.

Formally established in August 2012, Making Herstory is a NFP company Limited by Guarantee (no. 08166243). We are not government funded, non-partisan, and are inclusive of all faith backgrounds, beliefs, and political persuasions.