Our Champions

No effort to make a change in the world can be undertaken alone. Making Herstory can only thrive as long as Herstory Makers like you join us in our efforts.

Our Herstory Makers come from all walks of life. From school children who pledge to take action, to office teams, marathon runners,  donors and our beloved subscribers, we are immensely proud to be supported in our projects by individuals and communities as unique and as wonderful as the women and girls we strive to help.

Every so often however, a Herstory Maker so passionate and committed comes along that we can’t help but nominate them as our very own Champions!


Making Herstory (MH) Champions are individuals who go the extra mile, take the initiative and become long-term mobilisers of their own communities. Whether that’s gathering goods for our Suitcase Appeal, raising funds for our MJ Refuge Project, or becoming a MH speaker, their dedication and commitment is truly ground-breaking.

Doreen Samuels
MH Champion for North London

Doreen has been collecting, driving and donating funds and goods for our suitcase appeals and emergency aid works ever since 2014, and has mobilised countless people across North London and beyond to ensure we get everything we need – and more! – to survivors in our shelters.  She is a true shero whom we all love deeply and dearly…


Yasmin Ishaq
MH Champion for North England

Yasmin has been a part of Making Herstory since 2015 – ever since she contacted us out of the blue to help our refugee arm with its very first aid convoy. Since then, she has mobilised hundreds of people across Sheffield and beyond over the years, and helped raised thousands of pounds to help house our survivors in emergency shelters, and ensure they get the help the help and goods they need to start life anew. Yasmin is now a Trustee of O’s Refugee Aid Team – our sister organisation, and continues to be an inspiration to all who meet her.


If you are interested in becoming a Making Herstory Champion for any arm of our works, please CONTACT US today. We would love to hear from you…