Working to end the abuse, enslavement and trafficking of women and girls in the UK and beyond.


Book of the Month

Slay in Your Lane by Y.Adegoke and E.Uviebinene

For the next generation of black women navigating life in Britain today, Slay In Your…

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Must Watch / Must Listen

Gillette Advert tackles Toxic Masculinity

Shaving brand Gillette has launched a new campaign in response to the #MeToo movement, urging…

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Take Action

Demand a National Stalker's Register

Give just 30 seconds of your time to sign a crucial petition, and help Paladin launch a…

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Herstory Maker of the Month

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

“Thousands of people who have had their lives dramatically altered by sexual violence have reached out…

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We seem to have run out of body parts to shame women over. My Insta feed is covered in ads for patches to fix chest wrinkles